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Novi list - Croatia | Monday, August 26, 2013

The real target is Iran

A US invasion of Syria is likely, the left-liberal daily Novi List believes, warning that humanitarian motives are just a pretext: "The whole world is watching as the US prepares to go to war yet again. Its war machinery is rolling toward the hapless Syria. This is the penultimate step before it leaps towards its final objective: the oil giant Iran, which together with the shattered Syria and the once again powerful Russia has been pigheadedly defying the US's imperialistic goals. ... Washington has continually had recourse to aggressive military actions abroad, even when diplomatic solutions were at hand. Because the American alliance between the military, politics and big business that was forged during the Second World War still persists today. And even Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for all the things he hasn't done, hasn't changed this matrix."

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