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Der Standard - Austria | Friday, August 23, 2013

Careful with hasty judgements

Even though many things point to Assad's regime being responsible for the attacks, commentators and the international community should be careful not to be too hasty in their judgements, the left-liberal daily Der Standard warns: "In particular the recent history of intervention in the Middle East shows how important absolute professionalism is when it comes to accusations of weapons of mass destruction. It also serves to remind us that when Saddam Hussein used toxic gas to attack the Kurdish city of Hulabja in 1988, the US, which supported Iraq, first pointed fingers at Iran against its own better judgement. … From a political point of view the use of chemical weapons by the regime would be self-destructive madness - whereby rational thinking is seldom the principle of action in such conflicts. It's true that the regime has recently come under increased military pressure again. … But has this made Damascus desperate enough to risk the US giving up its current restraint?"

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