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Aamulehti - Finland | Friday, August 23, 2013

UN Security Council must overcome its paralysis

The UN Security Council is powerless in the Syrian conflict, the liberal daily Aamulehti complains: "UN inspectors are in Syria seeking evidence of the use of chemical weapons, but at the same time the Security Council is blocking the inquiry into the use of toxic gas. How can the inspectors do their job if the UN's most important body hinders them in their work? ... If the UN Security Council can't even bring about a ceasefire in Syria, the hatred between the different parties will only grow deeper. Already the Kurds in eastern Syria are waging their own war against rebels belonging to al-Qaeda. The world can no longer stand by and watch Syria's death march. ... Instead of persisting in a state of helplessness, the EU and other international organisations must do everything possible to stop the senseless killing in Syria. Russia and China must be put under as much diplomatic pressure as possible so that the Security Council can start taking action."

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