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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Protest movement offers no alternative

Even if Bulgaria's government gives in to the pressure from the public and resigns this won't change anything, the daily Dnevnik contends: "The key question now is: is there an alternative? Unfortunately the unequivocal answer is: No. And this is the great danger, because without a political alternative the protests won't produce anything new, just as the winter protests [against then prime minister Boyko Borisov] failed to do. But the alternative must come from the [political] periphery, in other words from those places where the wire-pullers behind the scenes who have a tight hold on the leading politicians can't reach. But the periphery is having an astonishingly hard time building up an alternative. … Bulgarian civil society evidently lacks the necessary experience and instincts to organise itself into an indispensable political factor."

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