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e-vestnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Demonstrators in Bulgaria are anarchists

Demonstrators in Sofia surrounded the parliament buildings on Tuesday and refused to let members of parliament leave for almost ten hours. The police broke up the blockade in the evening. These self-appointed representatives of civil society have turned out to be left-wing extremists, the online portal e-vestnik complains: "What happened on the night of July 23 was nothing but a left-wing anarchist revolt coupled with a siege of parliament in which MPs were taken hostage. … It had nothing to do with democracy and civil society. It was pure violence. Even the comparisons with the demonstrations in Istanbul don't work. The centre of Sofia is not Taksim. There too, there were blockades and hundreds of police were deployed, but the Turkish protesters are freedom fighters and not occupying forces keeping MPs and ministers imprisoned. Had the parliament of any other European capital been besieged like this, there would have been numerous arrests and casualties. Here in Bulgaria the protesters - sorry, I mean besiegers, got off lightly."

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