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Offnews - Bulgaria | Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bulgarian provinces don't dare protest

The protests against Bulgaria's government that have now been going on for three weeks have for the most part been concentrated in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. It's easier to protest when you're shielded by the anonymity of the masses, the news portal Offnews comments. But it points out that in rural areas where everyone knows everyone, demonstrators must fear for their jobs "because local politics and the local administration are firmly in the hands of oligarchic structures. The people in small towns, whether they're ethnic Bulgarians or part of the Turkish minority, are dependent on feudal economic bosses who for years have ruled the local economy independently of the balance of power in the capital and won't tolerate any competition. They prevent the development of small and medium-sized businesses and therefore the creation of an independent and free civil society that can exert control over corrupt officials and the criminal business milieu through freedom of expression."

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