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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Monday, June 24, 2013

Bulgarians far from true change

Deeply disappointed with their political system, the Bulgarians have been demonstrating for real change for roughly ten days now. Unfortunately this demand won't be fulfilled any time soon, the sociologist Boian Zahariev fears in the daily 24 Chasa: "Bulgaria's unfair political model is so deeply entrenched that it would be naive to believe it's unable to fool society's immune system and once again find a footing in any new social environment that emerges. Fundamental political change is a very slow and arduous process, and seldom leads to a clear result. ... There are no quick fixes for the problems faced by our society. No doubt we're in for a long period in which we will regard the situation in our country with repugnance, without seeing a way out. That will lead to political instability and a total loss of trust in the state and the political and economic elites."

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