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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bulgarians hold state accountable

The mass protests that have been taking place in Sofia for the past ten days represent an attempt on the part of Bulgarians to free their state from the stranglehold of unscrupulous politicians, the daily Dnevnik writes: "The Bulgarians are not taking to the streets in protest for or against one party or another. They protest against the recklessness of all politicians, and the feeling that someone holds sway over their money, their safety and their very nature, and does just as he pleases with them. ... After the fall of the government of [ex-prime minister] Borisov, the people had little faith in the new government [of Plamen Oresharski]. Now their patience has run out. ... They want their state back and they're determined not to let go of it again. Rather than putting their faith in a new party or leader, they now hold every party, every politician and every state institution to account, and at all times. And in fact that's the only way a mature democracy can function."

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