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Sega - Bulgaria | Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bulgaria's elite demonstrating on the streets

In Bulgaria dissatisfaction with the new government made up of the Socialists and the Turkish party is growing. Tens of thousands have gathered to protest outside the parliament and the party headquarters every evening since Friday. Even though the trigger was the appointment of the controversial politician Delyan Peevski as chief of the national intelligence service, who has now resigned, this time the issues are more fundamental than those in the winter prostests, the daily Sega observes: "The people taking part in these protests are different in that they have the necessary experience to provoke major social change. An MP once said that the nation's elite was sitting in parliament. Today this is no longer true, because the nation's elite is now on the streets. It is calling for new election laws, media freedom, new rules for the distribution of public funds and a functioning justice system. The elite is disgusted and this is why it must intervene in politics. Because politics is not a dirty business. It is the people who have turned it into such a thing that are dirty."

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