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Kapital - Bulgaria | Friday, June 14, 2013

Bulgaria's oligarchy gaining ground

The Bulgarian parliament appointed without prior debate a highly controversial MP as chief of intelligence services on Friday, triggering mass protests. Delyan Peevski, the son of media mogul Irena Krasteva and a confidante of oligarch Tzvetan Vassilev was himself under the scrutiny of the intelligence services only recently. The weekly Kapital is concerned: "For the first time since the beginning of the transformation we are returning to the kind of situation we had in 1989 as far as rights and freedom are concerned. The media, intelligence authorities, secret services and judiciary are all focussed in the same hands. The new government made up of the Socialists and the Turkish party has managed to stage a coup using 'democratic instruments'. … The key question now is: will we copy the EU and its democratic values and standards or will we allow ourselves to be robbed by the oligarchy in its worst incarnation? Will we permit it to catapult us back into the past and take us off the path of democracy, on which we have achieved some important things?"

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