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Ziare - Romania | Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Romania needs debate on gay marriage

The social democratic MP Remus Cernea has announced a proposed law that would give same-sex marriages the same rights as heterosexual ones, prompting fierce reactions from opponents of the move. The news portal Ziare welcomes the debate: "Homosexuals don't need to be loved or understood by everyone. A sensible society should simply accept them. They need respect, not stigmatisation by politicians who should be fighting for their rights by creating laws that integrate them into society. Remus Cernea is doing something that goes far beyond the expectations even of the homosexual community. He is triggering public debates on homosexuality and integrations. ... Issues like these, which go beyond the usual political chatter, open society's eyes to problems that haven't even been discussed in the past 23 years, never mind their being accepted or leading to new laws."

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