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Expressen - Sweden | Thursday, February 21, 2013

Defend Sweden's quality journalism

A Swedish Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld the conviction of three journalists - including the chief editor - at the the tabloid Expressen. In 2010, at the time of a series of fatal shootings in Malmö, the journalists purchased a semi-automatic pistol illegally to show how easy it is to do and then submitted the gun to the police. The daily is concerned for the freedom of the press: "This judgement will create a culture of prudence in the media. Which journalist will dare to test the limits of the law if he risks winding up in front of a judge? Quality journalism in Sweden is menaced by many factors. Economic pressure is growing. ... The Swedish tradition of the press controlling itself as far as ethical questions go is also being threatened by Brussels and by legal beagles who want the courts to decide whether personal integrity has been damaged by a media report. ... Sweden must oppose this European development."

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