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De Morgen - Belgium | Friday, January 18, 2013

Mali crisis turns into international conflict

The hostage drama in Algeria has turned the French intervention in Mali into an international conflict, the left-liberal daily De Morgen warns: "'Boots on the ground' may sound harsh, but in today's Mali it refers to joining the fight against a conglomerate of heavily armed Islamist militia most of whom have ties to groups fighting in countries like Mauretania and Algeria. It has become evident in the past two days that this raises the risk of unforeseen complications. In Algeria, fighters attacked a BP gas plant in protest at the French intervention, taking 41 foreign nationals and 150 Algerians hostage. The Algerian army launched a risky attack against the plant yesterday, which has turned into a fiasco. ... The war in Mali has morphed from a serious regional conflict into an international crisis that puts citizens in Europe, Asia and the United States in a particularly dangerous situation."

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