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Delo - Slovenia | Friday, January 18, 2013

Europe lands itself with its own Afghanistan

The fact that radical Islamists clearly want to put an end to French military intervention in neighbouring Mali with their hostage-taking in Algeria shows that Europe has learned nothing from past mistakes, the left-liberal daily Delo writes: "It's as if Europe hasn't learned anything from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, where nowadays no one dares intervene. As if we had no way of knowing that military force wouldn't get us anywhere. Armed superpowers may be able to drive the 'terrorists' into a corner for a while. But without the cooperation of local forces and their democratic maturity, any conflict will eventually turn into a colonial military occupation. After all its mistakes and after apparently having underestimated Africa and the Arab Spring, Europe is now facing its very own Afghanistan. To what extent common European foreign policy is to blame for this is a good question. Nevertheless it's clear that the repercussions will affect everyone and that the EU is not up to this task without help from the US."

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