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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Thursday, January 17, 2013

Only logistical support for France

The Dutch want to support France in the Mali conflict by deploying transport planes. The right decision, the conservative tabloid De Telegraaf writes: "Apart from the dangers posed by the territorial advances of a terrorist group, this problematic corner of Africa is facing a humanitarian disaster as a result of the huge flood of refugees the war could set in motion. For that reason the Dutch cannot just sit back and look on, but must join the international coalition against the rebels. ... But the government needs greater public approval even for this limited deployment. ... Because many Dutch citizens are concerned about the prospect of what could potentially be a protracted ground war under French leadership in a country situated in far-away Africa. A country that has been a wasps' nest for years and that has received a great deal of international development aid. For that reason there can be no question of a carte blanche for further Dutch military deployment."

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