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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Military deployment the lesser evil

France's intervention in Mali is a necessary evil, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant writes: "President Hollande quite rightly fears that a Salafist, terrorist state that is only a five-hour flight away would pose a threat for all Europe. Because the entire region could fall into Salafist hands after Mali. A 'Sahelistan' on Europe's doorstep would be unacceptable. ... 'Operation Serval' was inevitable. How dangerous the initiative will be for French hostages in Mali remains to be seen. France will have factored in this risk, as with the risk of terrorist attacks in France. But sometimes there is no alternative and intervention is the lesser evil. No one wants another Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. ... The biggest question now is: who will rebuild Mali and how once the Salafists have been driven out?"

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