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Mladina - Slovenia | Monday, January 14, 2013

Protests as beginning of Slovenia's renewal

Several thousand Slovenians demonstrated against their government in Ljubljana on Friday and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Janez Janša and opposition leader Zoran Janković. Both are accused of corruption. The left-leaning weekly Mladina is delighted about the current wave of protest in the country: "This new uprising is the most positive event since Slovenia gained its independence. For the first time there is collective reflection on what we stand for, where we want to go and what we really want. The discontent has penetrated deep into the academic circles and the middle class, the two sections of the population that are generally responsible for major change. If this unrest continues and assumes a political character, perhaps in the form of a new party that offers alternatives to the current political elite, we can start to talk about the beginning of a renewal in Slovenian politics - and also about the collapse of the myth surrounding Janez Janša. Both these things are absolutely crucial for the long-term recovery of the state."

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