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Le Figaro - France | Friday, December 14, 2012

Same-sex marriage a threat for France

The protests against President Hollande's plans to introduce same-sex marriage and the debate over surrogate motherhood and artificial insemination continue to divide France. The country must be on its guard, the conservative daily Le Figaro warns: "Furtively but ever so surely, the homosexual militants continue to push their pawns forward. If France is not careful it will soon wake up with a reform that no one wanted, apart from a small minority of dyed-in-the-wool free-thinkers. Our society's equilibrium, the future of the family and the fate of thousands of children yet to be born are at stake. ... Will François Hollande lead us from one concession to the next, always in the name of the sacrosanct principle of equality? If lesbian couples receive financial aid for artificial insemination, gay couples will have the right to demand state-subsidised surrogate mothers. Then the door will be open to any and every financial, moral and bio-ethical aberration."

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