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Respekt - Czech Republic | Thursday, December 13, 2012

Prostitution ban absurd

Around two hundred women's rights groups last week called on the EU Parliament to ban prostitution across Europe. This demand is completely unrealistic and won't help anyone, certainly not the prostitutes, the website of the liberal weekly Respekt comments: "The initiative completely ignores the fact that there always has been prostitution and there always will be. To believe that it will disappear is pretty naïve. The main argument put forward by the activists is protecting the dignity and safety of the prostitutes. An official ban would only serve to banish this trade to the underworld where living conditions for prostitutes would be much more difficult to control than they are now. In the Czech Republic prostitution plays out in a grey zone; it is officially banned but everyone knows that it exists. In places like Germany, Austria or the Netherlands it is entirely legal, much to the advantage of most of the prostitutes, among other things because sex workers are obliged by law to have a medical check-up on a regular basis."

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