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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Friday, November 30, 2012

UN vote strengthens moderate Palestinians

The result of the vote is a step in the direction of peace, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes in satisfaction: "The success at the UN strengthens the moderate forces in the Palestinian camp. President Abbas can finally appear before his people as victor, and even his rivals, the Hamas extremists, haven't dared to torpedo the diplomatic process this time round. Still not at eye level but at least a bit taller after the status upgrade, Abbas could now begin fresh negotiations with Israel as announced. ... The current unusually conciliatory tone from Jerusalem leaves room for hope that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is resisting the reflex to take immediate revenge - or at least has received a clear message from Washington on that score. Because the US's leadership role is the third indispensable precondition for a new start in the peace process. At the beginning of his second term, President Barack Obama must once again put peace in the Middle East at the top of his agenda just as energetically as he did four years ago."

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