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Die Welt - Germany | Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The West must stop autocratic Mursi

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have been demonstrating against President Mursi on Cairo's Tahrir Square since Tuesday, and one man has been killed in clashes with the police. The West must help curb Mursi's authoritarian tendencies, the conservative daily Die Welt demands: "Mursi says he wants to protect the achievements of the revolution from the judiciary and the bureaucracy, which are full of Mubarak supporters. That is not completely wrong. But when you see how consistently the Muslim Brothers are trying to fill key posts with their own people, you certainly don't get the impression that the goal is to establish pluralism. ... For that reason it is now high time, after the effusive praise for Mursi's mediation in the Gaza crisis, for the West to strike a new tone. After their initial hesitation Europe and America helped to depose a long-standing pro-Western dictator to allow the country to make a new democratic start. ... But exchanging a pro-Western dictator for an anti-Western autocrat would mean limiting Egypt's prospects for the future."

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