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Público - Portugal | Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A truce doesn't mean peace

One shouldn't expect too much of a potential ceasefire, the liberal daily Público warns, pointing out that both Israel and Hamas stand to gain from the conflict: "Whether the negotiations for a potential truce in the Gaza Strip are successful or not - they won't touch on the core reasons for the conflict. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu will seek to capitalise politically on this confrontation. ... Provided he is not forced into a dangerous invasion. Hamas, whose missiles have reached Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the first time, has raised its profile with the Palestinians and in the Arab world - and outshone its rival, the autonomous Palestinian Authority. Therefore a potential de-escalation of the tensions doesn't necessarily mean we have drawn any closer to peace. ... The key issues, in particular the founding of a Palestinian state on which peace essentially depends, will once again be postponed. ... Both Israel and Hamas have shown on ample occasions that they are not interested in being part of a political solution."

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