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Le Temps - Switzerland | Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why the US doesn't want to intervene

Sent to the Middle East to act as a mediator in the Gaza conflict, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for an long-term solution to the problem on Tuesday evening in Jerusalem. The US has little interest in become actively involved in conflicts in the Middle East, the Swiss political scientist Shahram Chubin writes in the liberal daily Le Temps, explaining why: "Usually the Middle East is a priority. ... However neither of the two candidates [from before the presidential elections] nor their parties wish to be involved in another war. The unwillingness of the US to be part of a ground offensive abroad is an inevitable reaction to the complications inherent to such interventions, their cost and the marginal advantages they bring. And it can also be explained by the increasingly complex situation in the region, as well as Washington's reticence due to budget constraints. In such a situation, taking sides, supplying arms and intervening is just as risky as leaving it to the forces in the region to determine the events and their outcome."

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