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Večer - Slovenia | Monday, November 19, 2012

Protests in Slovenia too cautious

Around 30,000 people demonstrated against the government's austerity programme in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana on Saturday, according to the organisers of the protest. But the conservative daily Večer writes that the protests didn't go far enough: "Although they have become alienated from the politicians, the trade unions don't use events like that on Saturday to make a definitive break with them. ... The protests have shown that the trade unions won't be able to motivate the people to fight for new values and political change. Other groups are better positioned to do this, and are prepared to use violence to push their cause. [During protests against the mayor of Maribor property was damaged.] These groups derive their legitimacy from the plight and morals of the little man on the street. … The trade unions should voice their support for these groups, because they are a direct expression of the people's will. Admittedly it's questionable whether these groups can contribute to the common good in the long term."

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