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Spiegel Online - Germany | Monday, November 19, 2012

Cities must be taboo for generals

Only genuine political negotiations can resolve the crisis between Israel and Palestine, the Israeli journalist Tom Segev writes in the news magazine Der Spiegel, harshly condemning the mutual attacks: "While I write these lines my son calls. He lives in Tel Aviv. The sirens are wailing in the background - missile alarm. ... Not half an hour after our conversation a missile strikes somewhere in the vicinity of Jerusalem - for the first time since 1970. Our army will expand the attacks to residential areas. No one knows how many Palestinians will die as a result. ... [We] should remember the moral lesson the world has learned from earlier wars: under no circumstances should generals bomb cities. Not Dresden, not Tel Aviv and not Gaza City. Particularly since the history of Gaza is peppered with violence, plight, unfulfilled agreements and missed opportunities. ... Only political dialogue can lead to a long-term agreement."

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