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Criticism of same-sex marriage soon absurd

Spain's Constitutional Court confirmed on Tuesday that same-sex marriage, which was introduced in Spain seven years ago, is legal. The arguments of the critics of same-sex marriage will appear ridiculous to posterity, Ignacio Escolar writes in his blog with the online newspaper "The time will come - it is already dawning - when the arguments used by the homophobes against people of the same sex getting married sound extremely rancid, irritating, absurd and antiquated, like those we heard decades ago against divorce, the sale of contraceptives, civil marriage or religious freedom. … To deny homosexual couples the right to get married because the word 'matrimonio' [Spanish for marriage] comes from 'madre' [mother] and there is no mother with gay couples is just as absurd as refusing to allow women to open a bank account because the word 'patrimonio' [property] derives from the word 'padre' [father]."

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