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Mladina - Slovenia | Monday, October 8, 2012

Slovenia treats citizens like greedy hyenas

Slovenia's Minister for Education and Science Žiga Turk on Friday announced plans to cut salaries in the education sector. At the beginning of the semester he had called on students to be grateful for the fact that the state continues to provide free university education. But the citizens pay taxes and therefore have a right to education and other services from the state, the left-leaning weekly Mladina points out indignantly: "The citizen pays high taxes because the state is supposed to guarantee education and the infrastructure. ... We pay taxes and social contributions also for the event that we lose our jobs. We pay social contributions for the event that we need medical care or social benefits. This is why social benefits are not a gift from the state but something to which we are entitled. ... And why are all these examples being cited? Because in recent times the state has been portraying all our rights (for which we pay!) as if they were a gift from the state. The citizens by contrast are being portrayed as hyenas who are being given something that doesn't belong to them."

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