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Libération - France | Friday, October 5, 2012

Benoît Duteurtre on unwanted side-effects of same-sex marriage

The planned introduction of same-sex marriage would neutralise beneficial cultural differences, the writer Benoît Duteurtre laments in the left-liberal daily Libération: "The desire to marry is the opposite of sexual liberation. It is the passionate desire to be like everyone else. Even if it is just a civil contract, one also senses a whole array of religious aspirations behind it. ... Many gays - probably most - couldn't care less about marriage. ... But if this debate is being conducted with such passion it is also perhaps because the growing acceptance of homosexuality in our society (which I am glad to see) is accompanied by a strong desire to assimilate gays: a will to see them leave their somewhat bizarre subculture. An end to La cage aux folles, an end to these people obsessed with sexual pleasure, an end to these more or less pederast perverts. Once married, pigeon-holed and declared, they will stop representing such a troubling, dangerous subgroup."

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