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Der Standard - Austria | Monday, September 17, 2012

New enemies, old protests

The dynamic of the protests triggered by an anti-Islam amateur film remind the left-liberal daily Der Standard of the revolutions of the Arab Spring: "Basically, the current demonstrators, whose mass should by no means be underestimated - are not unlike the revolutionaries of 2011. They share a similar slogan, although if you take a closer look you'll find different backgrounds and motivations. But they reveal once again what the media announced when the revolutions first broke out: the times when the region was fixated on fabricated external conflicts are over, the problems have been recognised as internal, named, and are now being addressed. Even if US flags weren't burnt during the revolutions the old regimes were hated and de-legitimised because they were perceived as the puppets of an imperialist power. The feelings of resentment were not healed, and in fact new ones were added: those of the secular and the liberals who accuse the US of making deals with the Islamists."

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