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Delo - Slovenia | Monday, September 10, 2012

Slovenia's PM Janša playing with fire

Slovenia's conservative head of government Janez Janša last week spoke again in an interview of the possibility that the country may be insolvent by the end of October. Economic experts and the opposition, however, say this won't happen. The daily Delo sees Janša's statements as a ploy: "Why does the head of government keep on making the markets uneasy with his statements? The economic experts have been asking this question for some time. Now that Janša has made these statements a second time one may well suspect that this was no mere slip of the tongue but a carefully thought out strategy. The coalition partners say such behaviour is irresponsible. ... And the situation is particularly worrying because in his rare and strictly orchestrated media appearances the prime minister never forgets to criticise certain social or professional groups or concrete individuals."

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