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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Thursday, January 26, 2012

Polanski film no Smolenski drama

The new film by Roman Polanski, the tragicomic chamber piece Carnage hit the screens in Poland last week. In his review of the film the critic Marcin Kuberka drew comparisons between the protagonists - two bickering married couples - and Poles who shed doubts on the official report about the Smolensk disaster. The liberal daily Gazeta Wybrocza finds this preposterous: "At the end of his review the critic, who is presented as a screenwriter and film connoisseur, asks the basic question: 'What does this film tell us? That there can be no reconciliation without truth - despite the pro-Russian propaganda disseminated in the Polish and Russia media after April 10.' Only naive audiences will believe they are seeing nothing more here than the bitter conflicts between two married couples. The film distribution company should send Marcin Kuberka a big bouquet of flowers. After his review all the supporters of the [national conservative party] PiS will feel obliged to go and see this film."

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