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Delo - Slovenia | Thursday, January 26, 2012

Slovenia's new premier must cooperate

In Slovenia, the leaders of the five coalition parties signed a coalition agreement on Wednesday for the formation of a centre-right government. The conservative opposition leader Janez Janša has been appointed as prime minister. This time he will include more political players in his government than he did during his first term in office, the daily Delo suspects: "Janša has even invited the trade unions to engage in dialogue. ... The situation required broad cooperation, Janša explained. Or in other words: the future government will be forced to adopt unpopular measures that perhaps won't have the desired effect. Slovenia will fare even worse (economically) and the government and prime minister don't want to shoulder the blame for a potential failure alone. This is also how Janša's second message is to be understood: a coalition of equal partners has emerged who all assume the same amount of responsibility. ... But this makes misunderstandings within the new ruling coalition inevitable."

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