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The Times - United Kingdom | Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lexicon operators react arbitrarily

By closing down its English version Wikipedia has acted arbitrarily and done a disservice to millions of users, writes the conservative daily The Times: "First, it's self-serving. Wikipedia has not used its capacity to 'raise awareness' on behalf, say, of the protesters of Syria, but in defence of its own interests - even if you accept the broader threat that Mr Wales perceives. Second, it's arbitrary. Millions of people use the site and many thousands, encouraged to contribute to it, add their democratic dime's worth. Yet in furtherance of a pet cause that is close to their hearts, the core Wikipedia folk can decide to switch the whole thing off. And by doing so they don't only affect those American users who might be in a position to affect the decisions of Congress, but God (or a visitometer) knows how many Britons and other Anglophones who can do nothing about it."

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