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Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Slovenia urgently needs a government

Slovenia's designated head of government, Zoran Janković, has pretty much failed in the task of forming a centre-left government. The liberal Civic List party led by Gregor Virant, which was the fourth-strongest party in the election and had the power to tip the scales in Janković's favour, on Monday decided not to join the latter's coalition. The daily Delo is critical of the fact that one month after the elections there is still no government: "The decision of Gregor Virant's Civil List to reject a coalition with a government led by Zoran Janković certainly won't add to the country's political stability. The election results have been known for more than a month and still the parties are unable to reach agreement. Valuable time has been wasted. The problems that led to the early parliamentary elections remain and are even escalating. The state is imprisoned by the economic crisis and certainly doesn't need a political one on top of that. It needs a government capable of taking action. But with each day that passes we move further and further away from this goal."

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