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Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Euroscepticism a democratic impulse

The British veto of the latest EU plans testify to a democratic desire to respect the will of the people, writes the left-liberal daily Delo: "Even if the Brits have never stopped stirring up trouble and making things more complicated with their Euroscepticism, you can't reproach them for not campaigning for a free, large and open Union. And these goals are well worth fighting for. All the more so as in these times of crisis they are shared by the large majority of 'normal democratic citizens'. They often look at Brussels with a scepticism akin to that of the British. The self-proclaimed rescuers of the euro and the EU, by contrast, now want in the name of 'efficiency' to extirpate this last remnant of respect for the people of Europe - and the right to national sovereignty along with it."

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