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Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | Monday, November 14, 2011

Lithuania should stick to euro introduction

Lithuania wants to introduce the euro in 2014. The conservative daily Lietuvos Zinios weighs the consequences of such a move in view of the debate over a two-speed Europe: "The more integration there is, the less leeway each member will have. That makes joining the Eurozone less attractive, as more Europe would mean less Lithuania. But one shouldn't overrate economic sovereignty. With the rise of globalisation there can no longer be any self-sufficient economies. Even now observers are saying that the members of the Eurozone are shaping economic policy in the entire EU, and that their predominance will only grow with time. For the time being this is all a long way off. Nevertheless the Lithuanian government must follow developments closely, assess the consequences of each scenario for Lithuania and defend our country's interests. And even if it means limiting our room for manoeuvre, joining the Eurozone must remain our goal."

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