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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Monday, October 24, 2011

Orbán won't go away

In Budapest several left-leaning organisations held a rally on Sunday attended by some 100,000 people to protest against the right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán. In the eyes of the government affiliated conservative daily Magyar Nemzet these panic-mongers have no political clout: "What the speakers and the participants had to say at this rally was limited to depicting the politics of the current government as anti-democratic. It represents, they claim, not just a danger for the Republic but also for the freedom of the individual. One of the speakers eloquently argued that the government was heading towards despotism. The only break in the tirade of naked, unjustified hate and general discontent was a little song sung at the beginning of the rally. Again and again the demonstrators chanted 'Go away, Orbán!' and 'We don't like this system!. However they didn't really get their message across. To be sure there were many thousands of protesters at the demonstration. But nowhere near enough to topple the government and usher in political change."

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