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Sega - Bulgaria | Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sarkozy's Roma back in France

One year ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy had Roma living in illegal settlements deported to Bulgaria and Romania amid a considerable media flurry. But now they're back in France, the daily Sega concludes on the basis of a simple calculation: "France has been saying for ten years that roughly 15,000 Roma are living in the country. Every year the country deports roughly 10,000 of them. Nevertheless 15,000 always remain in the country. That's how many there are today, too, although if you believe Sarkozy's belligerent statements in Grenoble [a year ago] the number should be around zero by now. ... Hence there is a dynamic counterweight that can be influenced neither by political rhetoric, repressive police measures nor legalised bribes. It looks like the French president made a huge mistake in giving the Roma [300 euros] pocket money to take along with them on their journey. Because they used it to buy the return ticket."

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