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România Liberâ - Romania | Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New generation destroys Bucharest

The construction of a motorway across Bucharest was stopped by court order in the middle of June, but the city continues to allow buildings along the planned route be torn down. There is method to this way of treating the country's heritage, the daily România Liberă writes: "Every day one sees lovely old buildings being destroyed, the prey of some greedy businessman. As a rule these old buildings were given back to their equally old owners - or to their heirs, who now either live abroad or can't take care of the houses for other reasons. ... On the one hand it's understandable that the young generation wants to make room for high rises in the city centre. ... That they break a few laws and violate zoning plans in the process tends to be trifling matter in a country where the laws are violated en masse by anyone who can turn a profit by doing so. On the other hand it's not normal that every new generation should want to effectuate a tabula rasa. ... To a certain extent a city is a palimpsest, nevertheless something must be retained from the past."

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