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Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tunisia is a special case

A few days after the fall of Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the head of government Mohammed Ghannouchi has presented an interim government with a cabinet including several members of the opposition, as well as ministers of the old government. The liberal daily Sme is not all too optimistic: "In the broad spectrum of the more or less dictatorial and undemocratic Arab regimes the Tunisian is among the most pro-West, most open and most secular. And this is another reason why the Tunisian revolution will not trigger a wave of democratisation across the Arab world, irrespective of whether these populations suffer from similar problems as the Tunisians. … Tunisia is an exception because the only real alternative there is not Islamic fundamentalism but an even harsher tyranny. A glance at the Iran of the ayatollahs or Hamas in the Gaza Strip suffices to understand why the democratic West waits before applauding when Arab or Islamic dictators fall."

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