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Kathimerini - Greece | Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crisis has changed the Greeks

Masses of Greek civil servants took early retirement in 2010 to avoid the austerity measures introduced by the Socialist government. The conservative daily Kathimerini takes the opportunity to analyse the attitudes of Greeks during this year of crisis: "We gave up bigger or smaller habits, we said goodbye to certain things and limited ourselves in others. We tried to come to terms with our losses. ... For some it was a few days less holiday, ... for others it was a pair of shoes they didn't absolutely need or something good to eat. We've had to do without all those things that provided a surplus of happiness, and forget that work guaranteed our needs for the days and weeks to come. ... Perhaps the pensioners will start again from scratch and the mass retirements will bring changes and surprises. Perhaps the poverty will lead to a rationalisation. If we are forced to make decisions, our losses may lead us to reassess what is important and what is non-essential."

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