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Standart - Bulgaria | Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bulgarians don't recognise value of cultural heritage

Residents of the ancient Bulgarian seaport of Nessebar plan to get up a petition to have their home town removed from the Unesco World Heritage list. They have been prompted to this move after the city's building authorities began demolishing non-authorised extensions to houses and shops which have brought the residents income from tourists. The daily Standart is surprised at the foolishness and greed of Nessebar's residents. "There are people who are prepared to sacrifice the history, the state and their culture for the sake of a little attic room or another floor added to their homes and the rent this provides them with. They have a facile approach: if Unesco poses a threat to our stable then Unesco should go so that the stable can stay. It's enough to make you weep. Because it's not the poor citizen who is making all the fuss but the old landlady who rakes in cash from dumb tourists every summer. And it doesn't even occur to her that her guest room is worth nothing without the ancient churches in the old part of town."

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