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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poles drive too fast

A change in the law will allow drivers in Poland to drive 140 km/h on motorways and 120 km/h on highways as of January 2011. Andrzej Kublik from the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza believes raising the speed limit is wrong: "I think the parliamentarians' decision was premature. According to the police, driving too fast is already one of the main causes of fatal accidents on Poland's roads. And the accident rate in Poland is one of the highest in Europe. Raising the speed limit will encourage those drivers who already notoriously exceed the speed limit by 10-20 km/h to drive even more recklessly. Germany has had a recommended maximum speed of 130 km/h for a long time. But there are far more motorways and modern cars in Germany than there are in Poland. And the average German is also a more skilled driver than the average Pole - particularly when it comes to driving fast."

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