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La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, November 1, 2010

Battle lines harden after attack in Istanbul

A suicide bomber injured at least 32 people in a bomb attack on a police bus in Istanbul on Sunday. The attack is a sign of the new conflicts that are rocking the Islamic-conservative government in Ankara, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: "While the experts are cautiously weighing up the different alternatives a new, worrying rupture between the moderate Islamic government and the military, the guardians of secularism, is emerging over the issue of women wearing veils. ... A PKK attack in the centre of Turkey's most important metropolis would destroy all hope of a compromise. ... Moreover for the first time since taking office as president the founder of the Islamic-conservative ruling AKP party, Abdullah Gül, allowed his wife Hayrünnisa to appear wearing her headscarf at a ceremony celebrating the founding of the Republic, in demonstrative breach of the rule that forbids the wearing of headscarves in government buildings. ... The generals and the social democratic party that supports them boycotted the ceremony in retaliation."

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