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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, August 23, 2010

Slovakia and Hungary have learned their lesson

The former Hungarian President László Sólyom laid down a wreath at the memorial for the Hungarian national Saint Stephan on Sunday in the Slovakian city of Komárno. One year ago Slovakia prevented Sólyom from carrying out the same action. The conservative daily Lidové noviny comments: "This could have happened even before a year expired. Before his trip the Hungarian ex-president invited the cultural minister and other Slovakian politicians to join him. Then in a dignified way he crossed the bridge marking the border and laid flowers down to mark the Hungarian national holiday. ... Through good will and under Iveta Radičov's government, Budapest and Bratislava have been able to find a common language. One year ago the Hungarian president was not allowed to enter Komárno. Times are changing. Perhaps the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will finally catch on and start coming half-way."

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