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Standart - Bulgaria | Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bulgaria's justice is on the wrong side

Two large-scale operations by the Bulgarian police against organized crime ended prematurely on Tuesday, with the release of two suspected contract killers. Interior Minister Zvetan Zvetanov and Prime Minister Boyko Borisov reacted angrily. The daily newspaper Standart also reserves harsh words for the Bulgarian judiciary: "The bitter struggle between political will and the system of justice began as planned during Borisov's first year in office. The normal functioning of courts remains a pipe dream and shows judicial reform needs the stick, not the carrot. ... The police have to infiltrate the milieu of the judges and do their work there. Otherwise they might end up stuck with the image of the naïve fairytale hero taking on the evil dragon: Every time he cuts off its head, three more grow back. ... Zvetanov has to realise that with his current batch of judges he will never get rid of crime."

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