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România Liberâ - Romania | Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moscow should let Moldova be

The Republic of Moldova has proclaimed June 28 a day to commemorate the Soviet occupation of the country after the caretaker president Mihai Ghimpu issued a decree to that effect. The Russian parliament the Duma has criticised this as a "falsification of history". For the daily România Liberă this is taking things too far: "The gesture of the Duma regarding the Republic of Moldova is not a harmless one ... but symptomatic of the official position adopted towards anyone who dares to rebel. And the Moldovan interim president has rebelled. ... Perhaps the number of inhabitants living between the Pruth and Dniester rivers isn't enough to make up a nation, much less a people ... but as long as the Republic of Moldova exists it has the right to commemorate major tragedies. ... Perhaps the Romanian administration in Bessarabia [today part of the Republic of Moldova] was disastrous after 1918, perhaps the Romanian functionaries stole and abused, but it can't be compared with the crimes of the Soviets."

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