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Pravda - Slovakia | Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A signal of appeasement from Budapest

Commenting on the current conflict with Slovakia, Hungarian President László Sólyom has stated that far from seeking to change the current borders his country is merely trying to bolster feelings of cultural cohesion among Hungarians. The leftist daily Pravda welcomes the president's words and looks to Bratislava for a positive response: "Perhaps President Sólyom's appeasing message was partially prompted by the fact that the European Union is now beginning to take an interest in the tensions between Slovakia and Hungary. As president, Sólyom can afford to take a more independent stance than Prime Minister [Viktor] Orbán. ... In the interests of appeasement it is important that Slovakia should take note of the signals coming from Hungary and react to them, that it should communicate with representatives of politics and society who have nothing to do with dangerous extremists. Such a signal could come from the presidential palace, which plays no role in Slovakia's current election campaign."

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