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Kathimerini - Greece | Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corrupt Greek doctors rip off their patients

Greece's healthcare system is marked by corruption and cronyism, the conservative daily Kathimerini complains: "Mechanically and with an inner smile at the expense of their dupes, the doctors too have spelled out the words of their oath. Playing with their transplants and other surgical 'raw materials' they joyfully accumulate colossal sums in their bank accounts. ... Along with other undesirable records, we also hold the record for the number of spinal operations - above all those that turn out to be useless. Why? Because as the result of a government decision all medical material costs more in Greece than anywhere else; the high costs also mean high yields for companies that pay large 'bonuses' to orthopaedists willing to join the market. If it were allowed it would be worthwhile to travel to Germany or Cyprus to purchase medical supplies. It would still be worthwhile if you went on to spend a month's holiday there."

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