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Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Freedom of expression also applies for gays

In Lithuania, the plans of gay organisations to stage a Christopher Street Day (CSD) at the beginning of May in Vilnius are meeting with broad opposition from politicians and citizens. The daily Lietuvos Žinios calls for more openness: "Gays and lesbians in Lithuania are citizens of the same constitutional state as the rest of us, and this means that they have the same basic rights as any other citizen. The state is obliged to protect them, and freedom of opinion and association apply to everyone. All these rights lose their meaning if they are reserved only for friends and those who share our own views, and they gain importance when the views of those who don't think like us are protected. This is so elementary that it shouldn't need to be repeated. But the reactions to the parade planned for May 8 show that the majority of politicians haven't got a clue about the mainstays of a constitutional state."

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